If You Want to Post a Film Review

If you’ve got a film to post, please locate me at my university e-mail and get in touch.  I’ve gotten hundreds of bots trying to register over the last few years, so I’ve removed the Register link from the site.  If I know you or you can convince me that you’re a legitimate contributor, I’ll register you as a contributor.  Please be patient, as I’m frequently away from e-mail; I’ll respond as soon as I can.

— Jim Spickard, Moderator

Registered contributors can post film descriptions.

  • These should contain:
    • the film title, author/filmmaker, date (if known), and length
    • a short statement of the film’s topic
    • the distributor (who sells or rents the film)
    • a short description of the film, and
    • some keywords so that others can locate the film
  • Posters are encouraged to assign their films to appropriate categories, which are found to the right of the posting page. These make searching easier. You can leave that to the moderator, if you wish.
  • As we are hosted by a bilingual scholarly organization (the International Society for the Sociology of Religion), you may post in either English or in French.