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Welcome to Religion Films!

This site provides a catalog of films about religion, the social sciences of religion, and related topics. Here’s how it works

Anyone can browse or search the catalog.

  • Use the “Search” box at the upper right to find specific films by title, filmmaker, keyword, etc.
  • Use the “Categories” list at right to find films in a specific category

Anyone can comment on posted films.

  • Click the “Comments” link at the bottom right of the post (after the keywords). Then fill out the form. (The link will say “No Comments”, “1 Comment”, etc. Just click it to bring up the comment box.”)
  • You are welcome to post a comment that:
    • corrects the original post,
    • evaluates or provide more details about the film,
    • gives suggestions about how to use the film in classes,
    • provides other useful information, etc.
  • If this is your first comment, it might not appear until the moderator has a chance to check it. (This cuts down on blog-spam.) If it’s legitimate, it will appear eventually.
  • The usual rules about politeness, brevity, etc. apply.

Registered contributors can post film descriptions. (See the “If You Want to Post a Film” page, above.)

  • These should contain:
    • the film title, author/filmmaker, date (if known), and length
    • a short statement of the film’s topic
    • the distributor (who sells or rents the film)
    • a short description of the film, and
    • some keywords so that others can locate the film
  • Posters are encouraged to assign their films to appropriate categories, which are found to the right of the posting page. These make searching easier. You can leave that to the moderator, if you wish.
  • Posts are welcome in either English or French.
  • See the “If You Want to Post a Film” page for information about registering.

If enough folks participate, we’ll soon have a large film catalog available for teachers everywhere.– Jim Spickard, Moderator